Ai Ghee ONG

Ai Ghee studied under Singapore artist Mr Tan Seng Yong - Singapore’s master “Tiger Painter’’ - throughout her secondary school years where she nurtured her budding passion for art and in particular, portraiture. Her journey back to art came full circle in 2012 when she joined her first painting class at Singapore’s largest painting studio My Art Space where she self-developed her painting skills under the watchful guidance of numerous artists like Teh Chankerk, Yap Wen Shan, and Le Matt.

Ai Ghee has a deep interest in connecting her life-long interest in world affairs and political science into her artwork. She believes that her artistic practices can play a role in narrating the world and societal changes happening at the moment. Over the last few years, she created a series of political paintings filled with hidden symbolism and satire of world leaders, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung Un, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Xi Jinping, el at. These political paintings have been exhibited in a few group shows, serving to thoughtfully engage her audience socially and politically.

Born in Singapore, Ai Ghee spent several years studying and working in China and the United States. After completing her masters in International Relations at Johns Hopkins University and working for a Washington D.C. policy think tank, she returned to Singapore in 2012. She co-founded a tech start-up and also is the head of the Young China Watchers chapter in Singapore since 2016.

For sales, commissions and collaborations, please contact her at:

[email protected]